Multifarious Variety Of Food Menus Of Catering Companies

Food we eat at occasions, we want it to be authentic, hygienic, flavorsome and intriguing to our taste buds. The Catering services are hired to prepare the food at various ceremonies and formal events. It is their responsibility to come up with the most intriguing and mouth watering menus which stimulate the guests to commit gluttony.

The Catering Companies thus have to categorize the Food menus according to the occasion. Catering companies all over the world try to present menu which has a culmination of all the popular cuisines if they are providing there services for a corporate event involving clients from foreign countries. The Wedding Catering Menus are structured according to the culture from which the families belong to.

Wedding Caterer London

The authentic cultural cuisine is added to the menus at these occasions. Mostly the family is asked about the type of menu, buffet and serving they require in the wedding. In India a wedding is not just coupling of two individuals it is the ceremony of two families bonding together for life long relationships.

Indian marriages are celebrated for days with endless ceremonies and carried out in traditional manner.   The variety of food at the weddings is as diverse as the county’s Geographical, cultural and religious spheres. The variety of food in the Indian culture can be estimated with the spices and cooking methods differing with each other in areas which are barely 10 miles away from each other. And this is the situation all over the country. The cuisine changes after every 100-200 miles.

The Indian Wedding Food Menu therefore, has loads of variety of food containing delicacies from all parts of the country. The caterers at the weddings have to be on their on their toes so as to present the food with the best flavors.

Indian Cuisine has influenced and far reached across nations and continents. This is because of millions of Indians residing in foreign countries. One of the countries where Indian culture has made a tremendous impact in terms of culture and cuisine is United Kingdoms (U.K.). The country has the most varied population of Indians from every region of the Homeland.

These NRIs carry forward their traditions by following the customs and traditions in the same manner as they are practiced in India. So, is with the cuisine which they have popularized among the English masses. The people of U.K. celebrate their weddings in the same way like they are celebrated in India.

With so many Indians Residing in the country there are companies which have opened up which provide services related to Indian culture and  Cuisine. For Indian Weddings and other informal and formal occasions, various Indian Wedding Caterers in U.K. have opened up which provide authentic Indian cuisine at all kinds of events.

These catering companies are very unique with the services they provide as they offer innovative dishes which involve a cross-pollination of various cuisines from neighboring countries of India into Indian dishes. The meals mostly is divided in three to four courses according to the time of the occasion – Breakfast, Canapes and Starters: these are offered at the time when the function/wedding is going on. These are a kind of snakes which increase your appetite for the next course, i.e. Main Course: this includes the full fledged rich meal which people have at the end of the wedding ceremony. It contains all the traditional dishes. The last course of meal is the Dessert. This includes sweets and cakes and some authentic native sweets.

The Catering companies specially take care of the originality of flavors in the delicacies they prepare. The food menu is prepared after consultation from the family which have book the company. The exquisite flavors of India are perfectly mastered by the caterers who have skilled and mostly Indian origin Chefs and cooks.

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Finest Catering Services for Various Occasions

Wedding Caterers in London

In our celebrations or social gatherings, the only thing that is most important after the main purpose of the occasion is the food. Most of us are very much fond of good quality authentic food which not only feeds our stomachs but also our souls.

Everyone tries to offer the best food they can at their events but sometimes it leaves them disappointed and the guests complaining about the quality. For the enhancement of the culinary experience in an event there are caterers who have been helping in organizing the culinary part of any event since centuries.

Since centuries these catering services had been in advent. There were Wedding Catering Services where the family organizing the wedding would not have to bother about the food preparation and were also sure that the services provided to them would be authentic and satisfying.

Since all those years the catering services have been adapting to the changing technological and cultural demands by the people. They have become much more sophisticated and advanced in terms of the preparation methods and presentation.

There are loads of companies which offer catering services for different occasions like Weddings, Baby showers, picnics, reception parties, Corporate parties or events, birthday Parties, etc. food is prepared on the recommendations by the organizer.

One of the most successful catering company which offers ace culinary services at various occasions is Sukhdev’s Catering & Events. Established in 1980 in London Sukhdev’s Catering & Events was one of the first Indian Caterers in London.

The company specializes in various types of catering services in terms of decorations, themes and the location of the events:

1. Outdoor Catering: they provide excellent services at outdoor events with utmost importance given to the minute details in decorations and presentation of dishes. From open air parties and picnics or birthday parties in parks or farm houses, they cater to each and every of them with the best and innovative themes and sophisticated wait services. They have experienced executive chefs and head chefs who take care of each and every aspect of the event. They offer various types of cuisines with specialty in Gujarati and Punjabi cuisine. There excellent preparation and presentation of food is the reason behind them being the leading Outdoor Catering in London.

2. Wedding Catering: the guest at wedding ceremonies expect the food to be delightful and mouthwatering. Sukhdev Catering and Events ensures that these expectations are accomplished. Each wedding catering project they undertake is accordingly customized to the requirement of the customer. The company listens to the catering requirements from the wedding organizer in person and ensure that there is no doubt left in the minds of the people who require the services. The caterers have various types of cocktails and snacks and other appetizers which would keep the guest engaged and enthralled about the main course. They are the most trusted for their wedding Catering Services in London and especially in the areas of Middlesex, Birmingham and Essex.

3. Event Catering: they provide exceptional services for corporate, media, political and other formal events. The chefs and hospitality executives provide the best available corporate themed buffet or banquet styled catering. They offer all three types of buffet services – Sit Down Buffet, Stands-Up Buffet and Display Buffet. Most of the corporate companies and business houses refer to Sukhdev’s Catering & Events as the best Event Caterer in London.

For satisfactory event experience this is the one catering company which would provide you with the best and the most innovative catering services anywhere in London.

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Need of a Catering Service for Different Occasion


It is not possible for every one to organize its parties and events in perfect way. For food and beverages, they can take support from catering service providers. The catering professionals knows how to handle different types of events in right way.

When a person is going to conduct any special event such as festivals, birthday parties, marriage, wedding ceremonies, business seminars or conference, the essential thing that can not be ignored in any condition is  arranging best and delicious food and beverages. This is surly because no one like to attend the events and parties that does not offer tasty foods and drinks. However it is cumbersome task to arrange such type of food that suits to every one taste. Some people  are completely vegetarian or other may like to eat non- veg dishes. It is better to hire catering services, as these professionals are expert in this field and knows how to prepare delicious foods that liked by every one and fit properly under its clients budget. In fact, this is the reason why demand of catering services have increasing very rapidly in entire world. The demand of expert catering services is very high in London.

Some benefits of hiring outdoor catering services London services are mentioned below : –

Assistance in menu selection: It is always confusing for people to select perfect menu for their occasions as today there are countless options available in cuisines. Event caterers in London support their clients in selecting best menu for their party. Usually the food menu is divided in to  three parts, starter, main course and at the last sweats and desert with cocktails and mocktails. It is the duty of the catering professionals to suggest perfect menu according to host budget.

Safe Time and reduce management cost: Professionals who have great experience in this field, have ability to handle all types of occasions in very short time. These professionals knows very well how to decorate and serve food so that it can impress potential guests. Without the support of these professionals it become very complicated to handle such events. Hiring catering service is best idea to safe ample time and money.

Best for handling wedding ceremonies: Marriage is one of the most special and remarkable day for a Peron and his/her family. Family members always try to make this event very special for bride and groom. A careful planning is necessary to, organize multiple events of this occasion. Special Wedding Catering Services is provided by lots of London catering companies based on  boy and girl communities. Marriage may involve, celebration of two different communities and expert team of catering services providers knows well how to handle such multiple events with perfection.

Sukhdev’s  catering and event is a leading organization that render excellent services from past few years.  Outdoor catering services of this organization render best services to organize discrete occasions such as business conference, birthday celebration and many other types of events.

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Prior You Pick an Indian Caterer in London

Sukhdev catering

If you live outside India, finding an Indian caterer would be a daunting task. You need to make a comprehensive search as they are going to pour the true Indian flavor, taste and aroma.

Marriage is relation of two souls and two families. According to Indian mythology, marriage is a holy event in one’s life. So, it must celebrate with a lot of decorations, catering arrangements and many other activities. All the Indian folk, who shifted to countries like London, Birmingham, need to work hard to find an authentic Indian caterer. Though there are several wedding planners in London that can help you, but they might be costing a lot of money. If you want to make your event a success, you should find a right vendor and make all arrangements.

One of the most essential things of Indian wedding is food that is closely related to celebration. The catering services of your wedding are of high standards as the success of the event mainly depends on the served food. There are a number of Indian caterers that provides their services in several other countries like Birmingham, London and more. They offers a complete assortment of Indian catering services, from healthy snacks to fine dining.

Weddings in India are dissimilar to the marriages and events in other areas. They carry out in a different way. It’s quite essential to hire an experienced catering company, as they have good knowledge of managing the work. Hiring an Indian wedding service has always cost too much money, if managed carelessly. The menu has a lot of dishes & desserts and it requires attentive arrangements to do it professionally. The preferences and choices of invitees should consider prior to determining on the menu.

Prior you pick an Indian wedding caterer for your wedding event, make a point you ask for food sampling. As this will help you get a rough idea about how your wedding food would be like. Normally, people ask for a determined menu for their event, with very less changes. Some of the most common choices are Punjabi cuisine, Rajasthani cuisine, Gujarati cuisine, and even halal food. These cuisines are widely preferred for their unmatched flavor, taste and aroma that it gives to the event. There are plenty of Indian caterers services that offer unmatched Punjabi catering service outside the country. These caterers are normally proficient at delivering all types of intended food preparations. They offer their services in a completely customized way to meet the requirements of every client.

Whether you have a wedding or corporate party, you can hire Indian catering service that will bring the finest taste.

What should an NRI hope from Wedding Catering Services in London?

Finding an event caterer in London can be trouble-task especially, if you are an Indian. There are several so-called caterers that are providing outdoor catering services that might not fulfill your needs. So, choose the catering company carefully.

When it comes to outdoor catering, taste cannot be ignored. Despite of whether you choose buffet or banquet & non-vegetarian or vegetarian, the taste of food should be mouthwatering. A perfect event caterer should have skills to offer a complete menu of special event cuisine without compromising the taste and quality. The caterer will be able to fulfill your food requirements, from healthy snacks to delicious frozen desserts, to the maximum standard. They are not just limited to delivering hygienically cooked food, but a renowned event caterer should also provide excellent hospitality services.

There are plenty of reputable wedding caterers that are providing a complete customized service for a luxury catering experience. Every event caterer is able to offer a dedicated event manager and affable well presented hospitality staff. Moreover, a company should also responsible for venue decor, table setting, seating arrangements and other wedding activities. In addition to this, Indian wedding caterers have their presence in every part of the world.

Due to the vast majority of Indian population in London, several Indian caterers are there to assist you. At present Indian caterers are not entirely acknowledged by those who culture calls it; more and more people are going for Indian outdoor catering merely because they like the taste this cuisine has to provide. For them particular, the company that has expertise and skills with regards to Indian outdoor catering and latest concepts are even more essential. Choosing a right event caterer in London ensures that your wedding is a memorable and pleasurable experience for you and your guests.

These days, wedding ceremonies are celebrated in a lavish way and accompanied by hundreds of guests. But, there are some people who choose to keep their occasion simple and sober. Either you have a small budget for a wedding or you want an extravagant wedding occasion, taste will never be sacrificed from Indian wedding catering services. The most reputable Indian event caterers do not need a comparison with wedding type, size and quality of service. The company who looks for excellence despite of sizes will always be the most prestigious.

There are several factors to keep in mind with regards to conducting a marriage ceremony; however there is little more essential than catering and venue. A perfect location that provides event caterers who can fulfill your requirements completely is more important than anything else. While Indian food might be enormously preferred in London, the wedding catering should be a job that can only be carried out by those companies who have the skills to take up the function.

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Tips to Pick a Best Indian Wedding Caterer For Your Wedding & Receptions

In many instances the biggest wedding expense isn’t the decoration or the outfit, it’s the catering. If you are having a big wedding or event with a variety of cuisines, an experienced caterer is the informed decision. The reason behind this is not all wedding caterers are knowledgeable or have the skill to manage your wedding without a main issue. Go slow while finding an Indian caterer and make sure you’re picking it right. A professional Wedding Caterers Menus makes every effort that your guests will be speaking about your event for years to come.


Stated below are some of the points that will assist you find and pick a best Indian wedding caterer :-

1. Find out your budget and understand what you need. If you look for a wedding caterer outside your catering budget or a list of food menu products, you can enter over your head prior you recognize it. You can do a little bit of variations in the menu after getting a caterer booked, if required.

2. Request your friends or colleagues for references. Possibilities are you have colleagues and known ones who have just married. Some may have bad experiences whereas others might be doing word of mouth publicity of their caterer for its professional service. Taking the help of your friends for a reference will assist to prevent some of the less experienced caterers that might be running out in abroad like the Indian Caterers in London, UK.

3. Get in touch with all wedding caterers you are thinking about as per the references given by your friends. Discuss about your wedding dates & your specific requirements in order to know the availability of the caterer. Certain weekends, particularly in the summer and spring, are reserved months in advance so you might not be able to acquire a confirmation with your prior choice. Suppose your wedding date is available for them to provide catering, conduct a gathering where you can review a menu and talk about monetary terms.

4. Taste the food some of the caterer’s products that would look on your menu. Prior to signing an agreement or giving money as a deposit request to the caterer, it is advised to ask your caterer to taste you with certain tastes of the cuisine they would be serving. If the choice of taste is not matching your taste, you can either take ideas or pass on to another caterer.

5. Do a written agreement. Suppose you don’t hold a written agreement there is nothing valid them to carry out the service to your requirements. The agreement should involve the cost, day, location, food menu and time in coming.

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Taste Your Favorite Indian Dishes on Wedding and Receptions

Demand of Indian food is on rise across the globe. Its unique aroma out of Indian spices have moved up many from their traditional dishes. Five percent tourists out of total who travel holidays like Indian dishes, and as a result Indian food and Indian caterings are gaining global popularity. Many foreign restaurants not only hire Indian chefs at high salary, but used to train their native chefs Indian food also.

Cooking is an art. Different techniques are used for different dishes. Furthermore, the timing and ratio of spices value more. It is a research of years. And that is why Indian chef’s hand is on demand. Just close your eyes, and imagine, the aroma and taste of daltadka, dal makhi, dum aloo, jeera aloo, aloo gobi,shahi paneer. You will be flied back to the kitchen of your mother where you are being fed aloo parathe with chilly chutney and your favorite dishes, the taste of chutney, what a taste!

Your eyes will be teared with full of love for your mother. If you turn to non vegetarian dishes, butter chicken, chicken curry, achari chicken curry, kadai chicken, chicken tikka masala, chicken metthi, chicken saag,a red prawn in a pot full of gravy will wet your tongue, no doubt. The use of variety of medicinal spices is an advantage of Indian dishes.

Deciding and arranging food and beverages is one of the most complex aspects of any type of event. If it is a wedding reception, it is not one of, it is the most important task.

Are you a NRI in London/UK ? And want to taste your friends, relatives, the unique taste of Indian food, on a wedding occasion, don’t worry, many Indian wedding caterers are there who provide best Indian menus. They offer a wide selection when it comes to Indian food such as Gujurati, South Indian, traditional dishes, modern dishes with western touch.

All those dishes you just imagined, just before, are their hand practice. You can serve all your land dishes at affordable prices.

They also offer sitting arrangement, creativity and decoration. Indian Wedding Caterers offer you complete flexibility to explain what you really want, the decoration would be, including flower color, table chair arrangement for your event. They provide cost effective services and real taste of Indian dishes cooked by Indian hands. It is the best to hire an Indian Wedding Caterer for best service at the best possible prices.Source –

Indian Caterers Acclaim All Over the Globe

India is a place of diverse languages and cultures. The country has 28 states & 7 union territories that make it a perfect land in terms of variety. Diversifying areas, climatic conditions, and background have influenced the culture and cuisine of the people of a specific area. The food served in the country has been considered as the absolute blend of taste and sophistication. Due to its mouth watering dishes, the food has been able to attain a notable spot on the global map. As time passes, a number of flavors & styles have replaced, hence providing it a new appeal. The state-of-the-art method of cooking is employed to make Indian cuisine a preferred one. Numerous flavors and spices give a crisp smell to the Indian food.


In India, food is an essential thing for any occasion, be it a wedding or birthday celebration. Every event or celebration is pronounced by a different food catering. When staying out from the country, it is hard to find an authentic Indian caterer. While organizing a wedding, you need to pick a caterer that can cook for a huge audience. Preparing an authentic Indian cuisine is not easy. It needs skill and experience apart from a very in-depth knowledge of the method. When organizing a detailed event, food plays an essential part to lure the taste of the audience. Thus, the task is given to one of the renowned Indian wedding caterers. These caterers are highly skilled at serving a huge audience.

 People who are looking for regional cuisines should hire specializing Indian Caterers in London and their catering services. The personalized services are available today to fulfill the requirements of people calling from numerous parts of the nation. Proper Punjabi cuisine, Gujarati cuisine and wedding catering are a few services that are preferred by Indians staying overseas. There are plenty of wedding caterers in the UK that are providing professional catering services in London, Dudley & Birmigham. A majority of caterers providing these services is well versed with the techniques used in the preparation of the Indian cuisines. Now, there has been a lot of modification in the way these experts deliver professional Indian cuisines for occasions and events. Indian cuisine is not only highly noticeable in the taste and aroma, however also provide different Wedding Food Menu related to catering.

The Indian wedding cuisine is now a preferred by not just the people originating from India, however for people belonging to another country too. The superior quality of Wedding Food Menu that is provided in exchange for these reasonable prices is absolutely great.


Enjoy Delicious Food Offered By Indian Wedding Caterers

All your catering needs are met with delicious food. Catering services depending on the event and can include cooking and delivering food to an outside location and also cooking, delivering and serving.


Catering business enterprises supply various types of foods to people. You can order your choices on phone or by visiting to their office place. These enterprises supply Vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian meals to different locations such as hotels, parties, schools, colleges, hospitals and also in homes. They also supply wide variety of cocktails and mock tails. These days lots of people open their own catering business at home to earn their livelihood. Any one who love to prepare different types of food items can set up their business with very less investments. You have to take legal authority before starting your business.

Food establishment license is required to opening food center. For serving alcohols, alcohol license is needed. If you have professional degree from any certified academy you can apply for job in hotels or in event catering organization. Indian food is famous all over the world. Catering business of India earn approximately four to five billions every year. There are countless Indian food catering centers in Birmingham.

Tasty and Delicious food of all religions of India is available in Birmingham. Indian Food Catering in Birmingham are previously developed for Indians, those was living in Birmingham. Now, numerous people of Birmingham like traditional and famous Indian dishes. Not only in Birmingham but in London also wide range of Indian catering centers are established. Lots of traditional and famous dishes of India is prepared by caterers of London in their hotels and restaurant. London caterers innovate some new ideas in many traditional Indian dishes to make it more attractive and tasty.

Chicken tikka is now become national dish, however there is some little changes in the recipe of all the countries. People can opt Birmingham Indian food catering services according to their event and parties. The food that is served in parties is different from food served in weddings. Wedding is very special occasion and the cuisines that is served in this function is according to taste of two different families and religion. Asian wedding caterers in London & Birmingham, help you to deal with these types of situations so that you can make your dream true. Experienced and professional Asian Wedding Caterers of Asian can give you best services according to your requirement and budget. If you have high budget than you can hire Sukhdev’s Catering Services Ltd. An award winning Best Caterers in UK , offering in London and UK.

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Excellent Catering Service on Wedding & Receptions

You are in abroad and dying to taste the taste of your mother’s kitchen. Just close your eyes and imagine Indian cuisine – sinful desserts laden in over sized kadai, rich lentils simmered with spices served with a dollop of cream and butter, sprigs of cilantro added as an afterthought, flat-breads stacked high and glazed with butter. The portions are large, the focus is on quantity, and are served with a rustic touch. The authentic Indian touch by ensuring food is served in the customary kadais and metal bowls. Don’t worry you are not dreaming! Today, Indian cuisine has moved beyond the realms of fusion gourmet. Modern Indian cuisine is making rapid strides.


Are you in Birmingham, London. Alright we are here to provide you the best Indian catering service and many more what ever you want. Wedding ceremonies, social events, special occasions, birthday, engagement ceremony, conferences in any occasion we provide Outdoor Catering Service. Indian items starters, vegetarian, non vegetarian, naan including all traditional and modern dishes that will remind you your childhood village party.


Indian food and its use of spices results in unique and delicious dishes. And lots of people love spicy food. The great thing about Indian food is the diversity of flavors. So many different spices and sauces. And if you are a vegetarian, no problem. Since India is practically a vegetarian state the cuisine gives one so many vegetarian dishes to choose from. The many flat breads are numerous. And there is a ayurvedic balance when served food correctly. And the prices are reasonable in general. The popularity of Indian food Catering in abroad is evolving, mainly vegetarian dishes are highly appreciated all over the world. Although food goes under basic needs of life, while poverty is the main factor. It is also considered as luxury to taste various dishes of different countries made out of new spices, sauces and experience you with new flavors. Food is one among other weakness of human being.

It has effects on mind and body that researches agree with mythological concepts on food and its impact on body and mind. In modern era it is considered as a hubby to experience different dishes and flavors. After globalization in the process of cultural communication people come across different dishes of different countries and learn to cook it. Indian traditional dishes which are served only on different occasions are highly popular in abroad.

If you are looking for an Indian caterers in Birmingham,Middlesex, London, UK , Sukhdev’s Catering Services Ltd, will happy to give a hand on your every events.